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EZ Permits Program: We take care of all your permitting needs by:

  • Submitting permit applications within 24 hours of request. 

  • Following up with the city to find out when the permit is ready for issuance.

  • Driving anywhere necessary to pick up/apply for permit.

  • Paying for city fee (via contactor's credit card or EZ Permits pays the fee and bills you later on).

  • Delivering official permit and receipt to the contractor by email.

Most companies pay their technicians, electricians or managers to take time out of the work day to drive out and pick up these permits. That is time consuming and costs the company an employee's wage plus benefits, as well as vehicle costs and maintenance. Let us handle the details, allowing you to put that saved time and money back into your business. 

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EZ Compliance Program: We follow through with all inspection scheduling to get your permits closed with the city/county jurisdictions by:

  • Contacting your customer and set up an inspection date and time.

  • Contacting the city/county to schedule the inspection

  • Contacting the city/county the day before the inspection for confirmation on closer time frames.

  • Contacting the customer the day before the inspection for a courtesy reminder. 

  • Following up with the city/county regarding the inspection status until the inspections are passed and the permit is closed with the city. 

  • Delivering of the inspection report to the contractor for their records. 

Scheduling inspections with the customers and the city can get tricky really quickly. Each jurisdiction has different ways, days and times that they schedule inspections. Each customer has different times that they're available. 

EZ Permits handles all of the scheduling and back and forth with customers and city/county jurisdictions for you until your permit has passed inspection and closed. Then we send you the copy of the passed inspection report for your records, how EZ is that?

Open Permit Program: 

We know you're busy and may not have always pulled permits or scheduled inspections. This program allows you to get current with your permits. 

Our Compliance Team will research the jobs on your open permits list and find out what needs to be done to get it closed with a passed inspection bringing you 100% into compliance.

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